Search Engine Optimisation

Search-engine-optimizationSEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a multi pronged science (and art!) to getting free visitors to your website. This means getting your site on that elusive first page of Google for search terms which will convert to enquiries, orders, phone calls – whatever your goal is.

What works for one website in a particular market will not necessarily work for another website in a different market. Here at ClickOnYou SEO Agency, we have recognised that bespoke SEO UK packages are vital to your success – one size does not fit all.

We will give you a free website audit before giving you a customised quote for your SEO. Our basic SEO UK packages start at less than £200 per month so contact us today on 01429 599141 or 07972 851625 or email or use the contact form on this page.

The key elements of our SEO UK services are listed below. We customise the mix of these depending on your websites current status, the competition, your market and your immediate and longer term goals.

The following elements can all be categorised as on page SEO (or sometimes on site SEO) and are all to do with your website set-up and content.

Keyword Research

contentThis is the most important aspect of your on page campaign. You wll no doubt have heard the expression content is king. This is very true but just having lots of well written content on your website isn’t good enough – the right keyword selection can make or break your efforts to get on page one.

ClickOnYou SEO agency will work with you to select the right keywords – ones that have commercial intent, are very relevant, have enough search volume, with less competition and keywords that you may already be ranking for.

We do this using the wealth of tools we have along with our experience of what to look for – and of course by speaking with you, the person who knows the marketplace.

Keyword Implementationkeyword-research

Once the keywords have been agreed, ClickOnYou SEO company UK will make the best possible use of them within your website – in the content, the meta title tags, the meta description, header tags, image alt tags and internal links. We do this in such a way so it looks natural and will give you the maximum benefit for your Google rankings.

Website Elements

We will also make sure your site is coded and structured correctly. Things like site hierarchy, URL structure, coding validation and site load speed can have a negative impact on your site if done poorly.

Off page SEO is the most difficult part of search engine optimisation for a company to do effectively – and will probably have the biggest effect on your rankings. We at ClickOnYou SEO UK agency will use some or all of the following as part of your customised SEO packages.

link-buildingLink Building

Still probably the most influential part of search engine optimisation. A link or backlink is a clickable link on someone elses website which will take them to your website when clicked. Not too long ago, it used to be the more links you had pointing to your site, the better your Google listings. This was open to abuse by people spamming sites and using low cost labour to get 1000’s of links. Thankfully those days are gone thanks to Googles crackdown on spammers. Now, links need to be from relevant, authorative, trusted websites that should drive traffic to your site. Quantity of backlinks is still important but nowhere near as important as quality.

Here at ClickOnYou SEO agency we use a number of techniques to build a good link profile to your site:-

  • Putting good content (with a link to your site) on authorative sites
  • Commenting on trusted blogs and websites within your niche
  • Posting fresh content on your site and blog to attract people to link to you naturally
  • Using relevant, authorative and high traffic directories to advertise your website
  • Issue link worthy articles to PR companies
  • Use social media to communicate with people and companies in your industry – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon and more

All of the above techniques will build your own site authority and trust and improve your search engine rankings. ClickOnYou SEO company UK build only quality links – anything else will eventually get your site penalised by Google.

affordableSEO Packages

We differ from many other SEO UK companies because we do not have a set of generic packages which we offer to everyone – irrespective of what market you are in, how mature your site is, your current search engine optimisation status and website condition etc

We will give you a free website audit before giving you a customised quote for your SEO. Our basic SEO packages start at less than £200 per month so contact us today on 01429 599141 or 07972 851625 or email or use the contact form on this page.