Product listing ads (PLA) are the picture ads you see at the top of the search pages on Google. You can quickly drive traffic to your website with our help. See the example below showing PLA’s at the top right hand side of the page.

How much will we charge you? A negotiated set up fee and then a monthly management fee because every customer is different with differing products, markets and aspirations. What we won’t do is charge you a percentage of spend. ClickOnYou is against this fee model where some agencies will try to increase your spend to increase their fees.


 Google Shopping also known as Product Listing Ads or PLA is  a relatively new pay per click model to advertise on Google which was rolled out in 2013 . You first need to check whether the products you sell on your website are eligible to be sold on Google Shopping. Use the downloadable taxonomy on this page to check if your products are suitable.

Generally, people find that the return on investment is better for product listing ads than standard ppc – but there is a lot more work involved in getting it set up correctly.

This is where ClickOnYou can help you with how to advertise on Google in this way. We will get your products showing by doing the following :-

  • The first step is to create a product feed for your Google merchant centre. This will contain a list of the products you want to appear along with prices, descriptions, categories, prices, links to your pictures and products on your website. This feed must be kept up to date so it synchronises with the information on your website.
  • Your product listing ads feed then needs to be uploaded to your merchant account to be checked and accepted by Google.
  • Create a campaign in your Adwords account and link it to your merchant account.
  • Ensure your products are grouped correctly and the bids are set for maximum return on investment
  • Create comprehensive reports for you, the customer

Contact us today by phone, email or with the contact form on this page for a discussion on how ClickOnYou can help you advertise on Google to increase your business and profits.