google-localIs some or all of your business local to where you operate from? Do you think (or know if you use Google analytics) that people searching for your services include a place name or area in their search? Geographical search terms account for a huge number of searches so it is important to include these in your SEO plan particularly if a lot of your business is done local to you. Improving your websites local rankings and listings is critical to you.

ClickOnYou will set up your Google + and Google Local pages for you. We will then prepare and implement an SEO plan along similar lines to one of our national SEO packages. Generally the results are quicker because there is usually less competition for local SEO keywords – but not always!

local-search-resultsWe will give you a free website audit before giving you a personalised quote for your Local SEO. Our basic packages start at less than £200 per month so contact us today on 01429 599141 or 07972 851625 or email or use the contact form on this page.



What will we do for you?

Keyword research will focus mainly on local and geographical search terms and is very important to your Google Local SEO plan. ClickOnYou will work with you to select the right keywords – ones that have commercial intent, are relevant, have enough search volume, with lower competition.

We do this using sophisticated software along with our experience of what to look for – and of course by speaking with you, the person who knows the area and the market.

When the keywords are agreed, ClickOnYou will make the best possible use of them within your site by carefully using them in the page content, the meta title tags, the meta description, header tags, image alt tags and internal links. We do this in such a way so it looks natural and will give you the maximum SEO benefit.

We will then review your website structure and coding. Site hierarchy, URL structure, coding validation and site load speed can have a negative local SEO impact on your site if not done correctly.

Link building is still arguably the most important aspect of search engine optimisation. What is a link? A link or backlink is a clickable link on someone elses website which will take them to your website when clicked. Links need to be from relevant, authorative, trusted websites that will drive visitors to your website. Quantity of links is important but not as important as quality.

local-seoAt we use a variety of methods to build a good links to your site:-

  1. Place quality content (with a link back to your site) on authorative websites
  2. Putting comments on trusted blogs and websites within your niche
  3. Regularly putting fresh quality content on your site and blog to attract other websites to link to you naturally
  4. Using relevant, authorative and high traffic directories to advertise your website
  5. Use PR companies to publish newsworthy articles
  6. Use social media to communicate with trusted people and companies in your niche – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon and more

These will build your website authority and trust and dramatically improve your search engine rankings. ClickOnYou build only quality links – anything else will eventually get your site penalised by Google.

Contact us today to talk with us about your requirements so we can give you a competitive quote to get the results you want – more business and profits!