27/9/14 :- Use an SEO UK Agency to Get your Business Noticed

If you do business in the UK, it is only logical you would want an SEO agency based in your business country. Search engine optimisation should not be generic, but specific to both the industry you are working in and the country markets.

Choosing the right agency can be difficult. One rule of thumb, find an one that treats your marketing campaign as if it were their own. Increase your rankings on search engines naturally, check out the company you are looking for and determine if they use the same strategies for their site as they will use for your site.

As a marketing strategy, search engine optimisation may not be appropriate for every website. Use a company that also helps your company utilise paid advertising. An SEO UK agency that specializes in total online marketing will give you high returns for your investment. They realise search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis which means there are no guarantees your website will stay at the top of the list. Staying on page one is one very valid reason to use an agency; they can keep you appraised of changes and ensure you stay near the top of the search engines.

Tips for Hiring the right UK agency

  • Decide what you need. Are you looking for an SEO audit, ongoing SEO and link building, PPC management and content marketing? Determine how you want your sales to grow. Jot your ideas down and have a definite goal in mind.
  • Request case studies and references. Question your potential SEO UK agency about what they have done to get the job accomplished for other websites. Talk to an SEO firm to get examples of their results. Checkout references. Request a project manager who will guide you through the chaos.
  • Check out multiple agencies. Sit down face to face with someone or via the phone. Good firms will offer a free consultation and will take the chance to impress you and win your business. Get to know the person in front of you or a representative on the phone. Determine if you can work with them. If you feel uncomfortable or confused, go on to the next agency on your list.
  • Ask your prospective agency how they will creatively promote your website. A company that has no clear pathway is not the one you want.

Set up your SEO goals, get more than one price and examine how creative they are. You do not necessarily need to go with the largest and most expensive company, but the smallest company may not have the resources to get your website on page one.

Search out a UK SEO agency that is multi-faceted. In other words find creative marketing partners that know how to leverage content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media and paid advertising to meet your particular needs. Whether you are large or small, a beginner or an expert, you need to hire the best agency who will get you on page one.


25/9/14 Published an article on PRLog about our pay per click management services http://www.prlog.org/12375970-the-benefits-of-pay-per-click-advertising-with-clickonyou.html


Search Engine Optimisation Equates to More Clicks and More Money

Content marketing is already thriving on the internet, several webmasters, bloggers and companies already use it and many will have an SEO agency on hand to fine tune the wording that will get them to the top of page one on a search engine’s results – or at least as close to it as possible. That is our aim here at www.ClickOnYou.co.uk

So, now it’s time to get competitive and find an SEO agency that can outperform all the field and get your website ranking higher and your customers flocking in at a much greater rate. Put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is achieved successfully by using organic results taken straight from your content and used to rank your blog or website higher.

Being high up in the search engine rankings is important – no, in fact it’s critical! Think about a time when you may have searched for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo Search or MSN Search and how often do you wander much beyond page one, or occasionally page two of your results? Hardly ever – is the answer most people will come back with. So, a company that knows what it takes to rank highly, has effective measures in place to add regular content and media and calculates the right keywords to get the website moving up through the ranks is imperative.

An SEO company will know that once your job has been done and the article or blog has been written, tomorrow will see the task in hand all over again. Think of it as a steam train that chugs along on the coal you have shovelled into its furnace will get your train moving, but all the while you stand back and wipe the sweat from your brow, your train is starting to slow down.

This is the time when more content (coal) is needed to be thrown into the furnace (search engine results) so that your train can run faster on its tracks (visitors to your web page). In short, an SEO agency will constantly drip feed content that is search engine friendly and likely to push your web pages to the front of the queue.

An SEO agency will also engage with social marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest to maximise your company’s exposure in the Google rankings and other search engine pages. A company like www.clickonyou.co.uk will build links, create meta titles and do plenty of research of keywords.